The Berlin Process is coming back to Berlin

The Berlin Process was launched in 2014 on the initiative of the Federal Government. Seven years on, it is time both to take stock of what has been achieved and to lay the foundations for further goals.

Since 2014, the Berlin Process has aimed to improve and intensify regional integration. It is designed to help accelerate the entire region’s closer alignment with the EU. The Berlin Process concentrates in this context on areas such as infrastructure development and connectivity, business, regional youth exchanges, reconciliation and science. With the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO), the agreement to develop a Common Regional Market, the signing of the Regional Roaming Agreement and the creation of “green lanes” to speed up border procedures with key goods in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Berlin Process has brought significant results that are tangible for the people in the region and that are intended to prepare the region for accession to the EU.

This year we are building on this progress. To this end, elements of the Common Regional Market action plan are to be driven forward.

The series of digital meetings starts on 1 and 2 June with the Civil Society Forum opening conference. The Foreign Ministers Meeting takes place on 8 June, followed by the Health Ministers Meeting on 17 June, the Interior Ministers Meeting on 29 June and the Economic Affairs Ministers Meeting on 30 June. During this time, there will also be a youth conference organised by the RYCO, the Roma Ministers Meeting on 28 June, a Joint Science Conference, and the second part of the Civil Society Forum. Finally, the Berlin Process Summit, hosted by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, will take place on 5 July.